Tips on How to Use DSLR Self-Timer

It’s the age of selfies, it feels like we have forgotten that our DSLRs are capable of doing that. DSLR self-timers are a lot more versatile than mobile phone front cameras. Let’s see how to make the most of them.

Timer adjustment

You can set the limit of the timer to 2 seconds, 5 seconds or 10 seconds. You can also combine this with the remote shutter release. You can take time to get in position and then point the remote at the camera, set the timer on, take time to pose again and then the camera clicks the picture for you. It’s like having a partner on the job.

dslr remote

Number of shots

You can set the number of shots that you want the camera to take when the timer reaches zero. It’s like taking pictures in the burst mode.

So if you have a group of friends that you want to take a picture with as they jump in the air and you want to be a part of it too, you can very well do this.

  1. Set the camera on a tripod. Compose your scene and dial in your settings.
  2. Depending on how far you need to get to them, set your timer to 2, 5 or 10 seconds. If you feel you will need more than 10 seconds, then it’s best to use a remote shutter release.
  3. Get into position and wait for the timer to expire. Just at that instant make sure everyone in the group jumps.

That’s it. Pick the best one of the all the burst shots and you will have a nice group shot where everyone is in the air, including you. This way, you get not only to be a part of the memory but also be in the memory.

Wide angle lenses + monopods

You can take insane selfies covering a huge landscape in your background or covering a big crowd of people with this combination. Just make sure you have a specific wide angle lens. An 18-55mm at 18mm focal length is fine but wide angle lenses have focal lengths as small as 10mm.

mono pod selfie

This covers a huge area in front of the camera. Combined with monopod, you should be able to cover a lot more area. This is best for trekking or adventure sport enthusiasts who want to show off their skills by recording a video. You can check out our online video production course which covers such tips, tricks and techniques in video editing.

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