Throat Chakra: Balancing Crystals for the Vishuddha

Throat Chakra: Balancing Crystals for the Vishuddha

Have you ever spoken to someone and found the words just flowed, and you could talk for hours? How about feeling debilitating anxiety when faced with the prospect of speaking in front of a large group? Or maybe you’ve even felt lost for words, like you can’t get your thoughts across clearly and you’re not sure why. The throat chakra is our centre of communication, and is where these experiences all stem from. Read on to discover how to identify a blocked throat chakra, as well as some healing throat chakra stones you can use to improve your communication.

What is the throat chakra

The throat chakra is the fifth energy centre of the seven main chakras. It is located in the throat area and has to do with communication, confidence and self-expression. The throat chakra is also referred to as Vishuddha and it is represented by the colour blue.

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Balanced throat chakra

The balanced throat chakra holds many benefits. It helps you speak your truth and have great confidence because of the genuine positivity radiating from within you. This includes the way you carry yourself as well as the words you speak, the songs you sing, tunes you hum, and melodies you whistle.

Having a blocked throat chakra can cause a whole lot of pain, but the unhappiness caused by miscommunication can be avoided if the throat chakra is balanced.

Balanced throat chakra

Blocked throat chakra

A blocked throat chakra will have a notable impact on your ability to communicate well, which can have some negative effects on your relationships and ability to connect with others.

  • Feeling shy and reserved
  • Struggling to communicate your thoughts clearly
  • Social anxiety
  • Dishonesty
  • ‘Writer’s block’ or similar blocked creativity is a dead giveaway for a blocked throat chakra
  • A sore throat with possible hoarseness and loss of voice is a typical symptom
  • Nervousness and jumpiness

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Causes of a blocked throat chakra

A blockage in the throat chakra usually starts with the activation of fight or flight mode in which there is an adrenaline release. This includes any anxiety-provoking situation, or feeling threatened by someone or something. The blocked chakra can lay dormant for extended periods of times, until it is triggered, which sometimes makes it hard to pinpoint the original cause.

Overactive throat chakra

The overactive throat chakra represents an overstimulation of communicative energy. Those with an overactive throat chakra are often not too interested in listening, and often talk a lot about themselves.

The following traits are often indicative of an overactive throat chakra:

  • Being very critical, but not in a constructive way.
  • Malicious gossip or spreading lies (this is also a sign of a root chakra blockage).
  • Unfaithfulness in a relationship can be attributed to an overactive throat chakra, as it indicates an inability to communicate needs and be honest.
  • Negative self-talk.

Balanced throat chakra for communication

Throat chakra balancing crystals

Healing crystals placed directly on the throat area could be quite uncomfortable. Instead, lay the throat chakra stones on the upper chest or shoulders, or place them next to your neck, gently touching your skin, while you lie down.

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Blue Lace Agate

Blue lace agate is amazing at calming the mind and healing broken emotions. It opens the door to your spiritual connection, supporting intuition, clear expression, and alleviating stress and anxiety. This stone is ideal for connecting to the spiritual realms. Those who are new to spirituality, or have had some bad experiences with it in the past, will find blue lace agate a valuable companion to help release the past and fully embrace the present.

This stone is also excellent in psychically helping the body heal. If you have healing broken bones or are bothered by past physical injuries, carrying a piece of blue lace agate on you will help the healing process along.

Blue lace agate is considered a throat chakra crystal, yet it is a good inclusion for heart chakra healing and opening as well as connecting to the third eye and the crown chakras.

How to use blue lace agate to unblock the throat chakra

  • Wear a blue lace agate pendant around your neck.
  • Lie with a piece of this stone against your chest, shoulders, or neck.
  • Hold the stone while you meditate.
  • Carry the stone or wear it as jewelry when you need to engage in some kind of public speaking.

Blue lace agate’s zodiac association

The zodiac signs associated with Blue Lace Agate are Gemini and Pisces. Gemini brings that dual, multi-faceted energy, whilst Pisces adds its all-embracing, fair, and empathetic energy.

Blue lace agate’s planetary association

The ruling planet is Mercury, which is all about communication and getting things done.

Blue lace agate’s numeric association

It vibrates to the number five, a number of new beginnings

Blue lace agate’s Mohs hardness

The stone has a Mohs hardness of six.

Turquoise crystal

‘Gem in the Sky’ is a name that has been attributed to Turquoise. It gets this name for its beautiful colour. So what is the meaning of the turquoise crystal? This captivating stone balances your yin and yang energies, unlocking the strength and grace within you.

Turquoise is what is referred to as a master healer. It can be applied to all the chakras and is an overall great stone to include in any crystal healing session, regardless the specific reason for the session. It has the following crystal healing properties:

  • It unlocks wisdom, brings hope, and is excellent for attracting good fortune.
  • It radiates protection for you.
  • It helps you form amazing friendship bonds

How to use the turquoise crystal for healing

  • Include turquoise in meditation, hypnosis, or anything where a state of trance comes into play. It helps to usher in spiritual breakthroughs.
  • Wear turquoise as jewellery, especially as a pendant around your neck or as earrings if you want to unblock your throat chakra.
  • Sleep with a piece beneath your pillow, to usher in spiritual awareness and heal your blocked throat chakra while you sleep.
  • Carry the stone in your pocket when you need help communicating clearly, free of negative energy.

Turquoise zodiac association

The zodiac associations for turquoise are Scorpio, Sagittarius and Pisces. These signs evoke emotions on a really deep level, in order to start beautiful new adventures that bring a smile to your face.

Turquoise planetary association

The planetary energy portrayed by Turquoise is Jupiter, which brings miracles, luck and good fortune. Another planetary association is Venus, which is typically associated with love, but that spans a lot wider to all relationships you have. The final planetary association is Neptune, which is primarily centred around spirituality and inspiration.

Turquoise crystal’s Mohs hardness

The Mohs hardness for Turquoise fluctuates between 5 and 6, which makes it less hardwearing than quartz (7), yet it is still a pretty tough stone.

Turquoise numeric association

The number association for Turquoise is number 1, the number of new starts and fresh new avenues.


Beautiful like an ocean in a paradise unknown to man, aquamarine shimmers in tones of soul-calming blue and green. Named after the ocean, this stone emits an energy of gentle kindness. It is also known as the stone of courage.

In crystal healing, aquamarine has the following benefits:

  • If you need to absorb challenging information quickly, aquamarine is your go-to crystal for assistance. If you can think of yourself as a computer motherboard, think of aquamarine as the software update that improves your functionality.
  • This twinkling blue stone cleanses and protects the aura.
  • Aquamarine helps with finding acceptance and peace in seeing planet Earth for the living being it is.
  • Aquamarine helps your energy align in such a way that you find yourself in the right place at the right time.
  • This stone assists in attuning your energy in such a way that you come up with solutions which would not even have crossed your mind before.
  • It can assist you with releasing toxic patterns and relationships.

How to use aquamarine in crystal healing

  • Place a piece of Aquamarine on your body: it may feel like being handed an ice-cold glass of refreshing water after a long day out in the sun.
  • If you are interested in positive life expansion, wearing a piece of Aquamarine around your neck will serve you abundantly.
  • Aquamarine can foster communication between your throat chakra and heart chakra, helping you to move towards what is best for you.

Aquamarine’s zodiac association

The zodiac association for aquamarine is Aries, which ushers in new beginnings and brings a highly motivated energy. Turquoise is also associated with Gemini, which brings a light-hearted energy that gets tasks done through beauty and joy, as well as Pisces, that all-inclusive energy that makes everyone realise their beautiful inherent contribution to the greatest collective. Aquamarine also radiates the energy of the moon, which is a constantly fluctuating celestial being that supports life on Earth.

Aquamarine Mohs hardness

Aquamarine has a Mohs hardness of 7,5 to 8, which is even harder than most types of quartz.

Aquamarine’s numeric association

Aquamarine, like Turquoise, vibrates at the energy of number 1. It provides powerful support for new beginnings. It is a stone that supports your new ambitions. This energy encourages embracing life and its eternal flow of potential, as well as taking a fresh approach to how you do things.

Additional ways to balance the throat chakra

Balancing the throat chakra through diet

When it comes to food, berries such as blueberries and blackberries are recommended, as are red grapes and goji berries. Figs, plums, eggplant, purple tomatoes, and purple cabbage are all excellent choices. Seeds and nuts and any other brain-supporting food are also ideal throat chakra choices.

Sound for the throat chakra

Sound frequency on the 672 hertz vibration is wonderful for throat chakra balancing.

Mirror work to balance the throat chakra

Doing mirror work is an excellent exercise for throat chakra balancing. Look into the mirror and into your own eyes. Ask your mind what it may have to communicate to you and then simply allow the words to flow across your lips.

Affirmations for the throat chakra

Some powerful throat chakra affirmations are:

  • ‘I speak my heart’s truth with confidence.’
  • ‘I accept myself unconditionally for I was born perfect.’

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