Sacral Chakra: Healing Stones and Crystals

Sacral Chakra: Healing Stones and Crystals

Our feelings and emotions are our inner guidance system that can very successfully steer us through this life experience if only we opt to listen to them. The sacral chakra is understood to be the emotional centre of the body, and balancing this chakra is about becoming quiet and having the courage to listen to ourselves and be guided towards alignment and balance. There are a number of sacral chakra stones and healing crystals that can clear blockages and help you on your journey to connecting with your emotions.

What is the sacral chakra?

The sacral chakra is the second energy centre of the seven main chakras. It's represented by the colour orange and it's located in the rounding area of the abdomen, just above the navel. Its Sanskrit name is Svadhisthana and its function centres around the relationship that we have with our emotions. Your emotional state determines how you interact with the world around you, and this impacts how you experience your daily life. This is why it is so important to make sure your sacral chakra is balanced.

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Signs of a balanced sacral chakra

When this energy centre is balanced, a person exudes a positive energy and approach to life. Even if they may have certain challenges bothering them, they're pleasant to be with. In fact, there are very few things more pleasant than spending time with someone who has a balanced sacral chakra – their exuberant warmth, generosity, and kindness are quite incredible. If you are having a hard time, and you need good advice, they would be the perfect person to speak to. These individuals are welcome challenges. They also say yes to many things in life while also maintaining healthy boundaries and knowing how to respectfully say no. If the sacral chakra is balanced, they may still experience frustration – they are certainly not immune to frustration! However, they are set on finding a solution to the problem in a way that benefits everyone.

Signs of a blocked sacral chakra

The sacral chakra deals with emotions, sense of identity, and sexuality. When your sacral chakra is blocked, you will feel bored and unmotivated. It may feel like there’s a dark cloud that's hovering over you, and you may feel hopeless. You may be misunderstanding your own listlessness and lack of motivation as laziness. Other signs include the following:

  • They usually show an overall sense of being depressed and unmotivated.
  • Emotional instability is a clear sign of a blocked sacral chakra in.
  • They may experience random highs and lows.
  • They may feel deadened in their emotions, and you may even see this in their eyes.
  • They may give the false impression that they do not care about important issues that concern them. This is a sign that they are emotionally drained and not processing their emotions properly.
  • They may feel unheard, ignored, and disrespected.
  • They might also be unsure of who they are, and experience an identity crisis. 
  • They may come across as crass or excessively loud, and have a hard time listening to others.
  • Those with a blocked sacral chakra don't like it when they feel out of control of a situation, and will seem on high alert.

Causes of a blocked Sacral Chakra

The sacral chakra becomes overwhelmed when any emotion becomes too much to handle and isn’t processed properly. Causes of a blockage include the following:

  • Personal losses, like a committed relationship ending, loss of a job, or the death of a loved one.
  • Excessive stress can also cause the sacral chakra to become blocked as the subconscious tries to protect the person from a nervous breakdown or a physical manifestation of stress.
  • Long periods of illness can also cause the sacral chakra to shut down as the body feels it has reached its capacity on how much physical suffering it can endure.
  • The wrong job can also block your sacral chakra. The job itself might not be bad; it may just not align with their morals or personal values.

Work stress can block your sacral chakra

Signs of an overactive sacral chakra

Sometimes confusion arises as to whether a person's sacral chakra may be blocked or overactive. When there is an imbalance, it does sometimes flit between the extremes of being blocked and overactive. An overactive sacral chakra more often than not stems from being discouraged from feeling or expressing emotions as a child. It can also arise in later life, however, for example if emotional expression is discouraged because it is seen as unprofessional. When overactive, the Sacral Chakra goes into full defense mode, a rebellion of sorts, rioting for what it feels to be acknowledged and justified. Someone with a blocked sacral chakra may have the following signs:

  • They will clearly show signs of being overwhelmed and may also be quite jumpy.
  • They have difficulty trusting.
  • They often want to be seated where they can see the exit or entrance, and don’t like people being in their peripheral vision. At parties, they’ll stick to the edges of the room.
  • They usually ask many, many questions, which could also be a way of trying to soothe their own nerves.
  • They are used to being hurt and let down, so they may preempt this and have a hard time letting their guard down.
  • These individuals are in constant defense mode and their fuse is short. It takes very little to tip their scale. They're prone to wild mood swings.
  • They often have difficulty sleeping, health issues such as stomach ulcers, and trouble at work.

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How to heal the sacral chakra with crystals

There are a number of sacral chakra stones that are great for restoring balance. Most of them can be used by placing them directly on the sacral chakra area while lying down: this is the region of the abdomen just above the navel. Stones can also be placed on the sides of the body near the location of the Sacral Chakra.


Carnelian in its vibrant shades of orange was used by the ancient Greeks and Egyptians for its healing properties. Master Egyptian architects wore this stone as an indication of their high rank. And during ancient times, warriors wore carnelian around their necks during battles to increase their courage and physical strength. And this makes sense, as this crystal energises the body. It lifts your emotions as beautifully as a thousand butterflies all around you, giving you courage and hope.

In crystal healing, Carnelian has the following effects:

  • It provides clarity and sparks natural human curiosity.
  • Carnelian is great for assisting with all the areas relating to love and building a family.
  • This crystal can assist with issues related to sexuality, the menstrual cycle, infertility, and impotence.
  • It alleviates depression in the advanced years of life.
  • Carnelian is a wonderfully protective stone and it helps shield against dark energies directed towards your way, such as envy, rage, hatred, and fear.
  • It helps relieve the negative effects of emotional burdens.
  • It assists in making the best decisions to serve you.
  • Carnelian is a fantastic choice to help you connect to the spiritual world, and it aids in spiritual awakening and growth.
  • This crystal helps with unlocking creativity and assists in the expression of your inner emotions.

How to use carnelian to unblock the sacral chakra

  • Lay this stone over the sacral chakra when you have very low personal energy, especially when this is due to draining emotions experienced on an ongoing basis.
  • Wear a pendant or a bracelet to allow for artistic growth and reduce artist’s/writer’s block.
  • Place Carnelian amongst other energised crystals to keep the energy positive.

Carnelian’s zodiac association

Carnelian is astrologically associated with the Zodiac signs Taurus, Cancer, and Leo. This means it carries the combined universal energies of kindness, support, emotional balance, strength, and personal shine.

Carnelian’s planetary association

This stone’s planetary association is the sun. The sun represents life without it life is just not possible.

Carnelian’s numeric association

The number association for Carnelian is the number six, which is the number of great promise. When you turn the number six around, it increases by becoming the number nine, which indicates increased prosperity. The number six is also sometimes referred to as the number of love.

Carnelian’s Mohs hardness

This versatile stone has a Mohs hardness of seven.

Tiger’s Eye

During the 80s and the 90s, Tiger's Eye with its yellow golden bands were all the rage. They were worn as rings, necklaces, earrings, and other types of jewellery. Roman soldiers are said to have loved engraving and wearing Tiger's Eye to protect them in battle. As it's a stone that offers the vibration of protection. During the Middle Ages, amulets were cut from this stone to protect the wearer against demons, dark magic, and the power of the evil eye.

Tiger’s Eye can help you in the following ways:

  • Tiger's eye can help you reach your goals by tuning your personal energy to the vibration required to do this.
  • It aids in more powerful decision making by optimally stimulating your logical left brain and your creative right brain to work together.
  • Tiger’s Eye enhances psychic ability and highlights emotional patterns that need to be worked on so you can progress forward in life.
  • It opens the flow of abundance, prosperity, and success.
  • It is absolutely excellent for helping you discover, unlock, and develop your natural talents.
  • It aids in overcoming addictive tendencies, such as if you would like to stop smoking.

How to use tiger’s eye to balance the sacral chakra

  • If you are stressed about making a specific money-related decision, Tiger's Eye is the ideal crystal to help you make the best financial choice.
  • If you struggle with self-acceptance issues, such as body insecurities, sexual orientation, acceptance of your identity and culture, or perhaps insecurities in their romantic life. Laying a tiger's eye stone over the sacral chakra area can cause a complete and ultimately positive turnaround in the life of your client.
  • You don't even need to physically touch this stone to benefit from its amazing energy radiance: having it in the room or on your desk can help restore balance.

Safety measures when using tiger’s eye

Not all crystals are safe to be touched by the human skin directly. As beautiful as they are, some crystals can cause skin irritation when directly touching the skin, and others may have toxic materials that could be absorbed by your body and negatively affect your health. Tiger's eye, for example, can contain traces of asbestos that can be absorbed through the skin and be harmful to the human body. Here are a few precautionary measures for working with tiger’s eye:

  • Only work with tumbled stones. These crystals have been polished and they have a thin layer of varnish around them.
  • Place a white sheet or a towel between your skin and the crystals. You can lay this over your body, and then l;ay the stones over the cloth.

Tiger's eye zodiac association

Tiger's eye is associated with the zodiac signs of the fire sign Leo and the earth sign Capricorn. This combined energy portrays courage, confidence, faith in oneself, and success, with a strong connection to one's inner desires and talents.

Tiger's eye planetary association

The planetary association for tiger's eye is also the sun, once again encouraging authentic shine.

Tiger's eye numeric association

Tiger’s eye’s vibratory energy is linked to the number four – the number of worldly stability.

Tiger's eye Mohs Hardness

Tiger's eye is found in areas across the United States, Mexico, India, South Africa, and Australia. Based on a number of factors, including its origin, it has a Mohs hardness that fluctuates between four and seven, which does not impact the energy quality radiated by your tiger’s eye.

Additional ways to balance the Sacral Chakra

There are certain life choices that we can consciously bring into our daily routines in order to support balanced sacral chakra energy, whether the sacral chakra is blocked or overactive.

Balance the sacral chakra

Diet to balance the sacral chakra

Foods that support your sacral chakra are generally orange in colour. Most citrus fruits are great, including oranges, tangerines. Mangoes are great too. Vegetables that you could include in your diet include pumpkins, squash, and carrots. Use the spices and flavours of cinnamon, sesame, and vanilla to bring balance to your dishes.

Sounds to balance the sacral chakra

A sound frequency that supports sacral chakra is 417 hertz. This particular wavelength supports balance and releases blockages.

Dancing to balance the sacral chakra

Another way to treat your sacral chakra is to simply play your favourite kind of music and allow the rhythm to move you along. Sing, hum, and move, even if your lyrics are off. Dance whether you're a born dancer or you are the worst ever. It is by allowing the flow of music to merge with you, almost like soaking up sunshine on a beautiful day outdoors, that the sacral chakra rebalance can come about.

Exercise to balance the sacral chakra

Exercise for the sacral chakra is really any exercise that brings out deep inner soul relaxation, just like those that support the root chakra. Yoga, Tai Chi, and deep conscious breathing are the ideal choices.


Two good affirmations to repeat for Sacral Chakra balance are:

  • ‘At my core, I am joy, and I choose to welcome that flow of joy into my life. ‘
  • ‘It is good and safe to feel my emotions. This is how I honour myself.’

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