Social Media Rules That Are As Old As Orkut

If you do what you have always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten – Tony Robbins

Google shut down its first social media website, Orkut, in 2014. The search engine giant initially launched the website in 2004 after it failed to acquire Friendster which was also a popular social network at the time. Since then, Google has focused on other ventures that took off like Blogger, YouTube and of course, Google+. Social media marketing has become the buzzword in business circles ever since.

However, while Orkut might be dead, the rules that governed it are still applicable for the social media networks of today. Google’s social networking website did not offer businesses much presence but making the most of it involved avoiding certain pitfalls. Here is a rundown of rules that are as old as Google’s first foray into the online social scene.

Quality Content

Quality ContentContent is still king when it comes to social media especially if you own a business and want to make your mark through social media marketing. According to the author of The New Relationship Marketing: How to Build A Large, Loyal, And Profitable Network Using Social Web, “Content is twofold. It’s generating your own, [being] a thought leader. The other element is what I call OPC – other people’s content – and not being afraid to share it.”

This isn’t the only reason why quality content matters on social media. Google has become smarter ever since it discontinued Orkut and now works with algorithms that are more proficient in locating badly written content.

Gaining the right attention is harder now than ever before; especially considering that your competition will be using the online networking resources to target the same audiences. The more your content provides value, the more people will it attract.

Of course, this poses a very serious question; if quality content is so important, how can brands ensure that they produce it? Luckily, there are some tips you can use to improve the quality of your content –

**Focus **

Determine whether your post has a message that can be stated in a few sentences. Not only will this get your brand attention, it will also make visitors consider you as a thought leader in your niche. A clear focus will also make it easier for you to connect.

**Validity **

The information that you provide on your posts must be valid for it to have any value for the visitors who see it. For example, let’s say that you own a business that sells the latest automotive parts. In a case such as this, posts that offer information on how certain parts work or can be installed are sure to get you the attention you require.

Take Hyatt’s LinkedIn presence as an example. The hotel chain’s LinkedIn page takes a lot of influence from its blogs. It regularly posts topics that its target audience find valuable especially when it comes to business travelers. The variety of topics on offer includes posts about free Wi Fi. Such a post can provide value to a business traveler who needs to work in his hotel room during a business trip in another location.



Nothing puts off a visitor more than ramblings. Use language and concepts that your audience understands and your messages will offer more clarity.

**Relevancy **

This goes without saying. Content does not only need to be unique; it also needs to be relevant to the industry or people whom you target. For example, if you are an advocate for women’s rights, a post on baby clothes will be irrelevant to your cause.

Come up with Something to Say Everyday

fresh contentVisitors like and are more likely to share content that attracts attention. Posting the same content everyday will hardly have the same effect. Social media is a great way for businesses or people who have something to say. However, they better have something else to the effect the next day. Fans tend to get bored fast especially in an age where information is always at their fingertips. Provide them with fresh content every day and you won’t have trouble connecting.

More is not Always Better

social media interactionsA lot of posts can be as damaging as too little. Sure, visitors like to stay updated. However, bombarding them with hundreds of posts or shares every day will give you a one way trip to obscurity. Remember, everything has its lifecycle and social media interactions are no different. If you market your brand on Facebook or Twitter try experimenting with different posts to see what works. Your brand needs to dapt to the times and trends.

Offer an Enjoyable Experience

Self presentation was big on Orkut and it still defines user experience on social media today. User experience is everything on social media. Taco Bell’s “Native Ads” are a case in point. The food chain uses its digital marketing strategies to promote content that complements user experience. Their social advertising efforts are a big hit with millenials. Digital Marketing Expert, Brad Hines, said “Most brands screw this up with obvious stuff that stands out as an ad and just aggravates the social media user” in relation to Taco Bells ads.

Its “Live Mas’ campaign is popular with millenials. According to Hines, the brand’s Instagram account has images that are “…laid back, unobtrusive, even amateurish in the photography sense, giving Taco Bell an approachable, fun feel and making them almost like a lifestyle brand.”

In other words, the more you make your social media presence stand out, the better off your brand will be. That is a rule that has remained unchanged since Orkut ruled social networking and when it finally said its farewells. While new algorithms, social media trends and demands come with new rules, they only seem to be a variation of rules that applied when Google’s first social media venture reigned supreme. Keep these tips in mind the next time you need to promote a brand through social media marketing or share your opinions on social networks.

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