1- 15 Couple Photoshoot Ideas

15 Couple Photoshoot Ideas That You Must Try During Your Wedding

Your relationship and the whole camaraderie you share is always an exciting time for both you and your partner. Naturally, you want a couple photoshoot to commemorate the love and affection that you feel for your partner. As the special day in the calendar draws near, couple photography can allow you to capture the passion.

15 Tips to Click the Best Couple Photos

One of the essential parts of a relationship is photographs. They are a treasure trove of memories for a whole lifetime, and it’s a wonderful time to get all the best couple photos that you have been planning to click since the beginning of your journey together. Here are our top 15 locations or and moods for a great couple photoshoot

  • Get One With Nature: There is nothing more beautiful than a natural setting for your couple photoshoot. The gorgeous sunlight and elements of nature add a whole new twist to the way your photographs will look. Get the perfect combination of nature’s brightness and the happiness that you both reflect for pictures that are worth framing!
  • Get a Little Crazy: Which couple doesn’t like being fun and whimsical? Bring out your goofy, childish side in your shoot and get some interesting clicks in your couple photoshoot. This mood will not only ensure that you enjoy the shoot but also reflect your fun bond throughout the process in all the photos.
  • Dance’ Til You Drop: Nothing is more romantic than getting up, close and personal on the dance floor. An elegant photo in a traditional ballroom pose or a more adventurous contemporary dance move will make for a great couple photoshoot. It’s an added bonus if both of you are dancers cause that would mean you can definitely experiment with more complicated moves and poses.
  • Sing Your Heart Out: Well, not really! But if you both are musicians or work in the industry, a couple photoshoot that plays around with different musical instruments or captures you two in your elements while making music might be a great way to create a series of candid, yet interesting photos for your albums!
  • Cityscapes and You: The city life can get busy and overwhelming, but if you fell in love under the light of the city lamps, why don’t we make them the core theme of your shoot? Whether it’s your city’s skyline in the background or the streets that you frequent on your walks, your photographer can give a new meaning to couple photoshoot with these stylised city shots.
  • Love Those Date Nights: Whether it’s your favourite coffee shop in town or the lake that you always visit after a date night dinner, all these special spaces can double up as interesting venues for a couple photoshoot. Though some may require prior permission, all of them will be true reflections of your personalities.
  • Beach Babies: The crashing of the waves against the sand, the soothing splash of water on your feet – nothing feels better than a day at the beach. If you both love the sea as much, then getting your wedding couple photos against the vast expanse of the water is an incredible idea!
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  • Festive Vibes: The happiest times are always during the festivals. There’s a whole different kind of glow to every couple’s faces with all the rituals, traditions, and celebrations. This is a great time to do a couple photoshoot, not only with each other but with the entire fam! Indeed, some of the best couple photoshoots come out when both you and the family are happy and celebrating.
  • Both of Your Favourites: What makes a couple stay together is mostly the things that they have in common. Minor differences aside, every couple has a few things that they like do explore and indulge in together – whether it’s hosting game nights at home or cooking together! Moments of this form of togetherness really tap into the most natural side of every couple and makes for some of the best couple photoshoots.
  • Let’s Play Dress-Up: Costumes don’t need to be reserved for Halloween or Comicons! If you have a favourite movie, television, or comic book character that you like as a couple, you can make that the theme of your couple photoshoot. Not only will that be a homage to your favourite show or characters, but it will also add a quirky side to your wedding couple photos!
  • The Camp Life: If you are an outdoorsy couple that loves camping, this could be a great element to bring into your before wedding couple photos! The natural quiet and calm as well as lack of pollution around a campsite is absolutely one of the best situations to photograph yourself!
  • Get Into the Details: The beautiful ring he got your for your engagement, show it off. Her favourite tie in your wardrobe, get photos focussed on that. The strength of your relationship lies in the smaller details, so get pictures that bring out these aspects in your couple photoshoot.
  • Look at the Stars: Look how they shine for you! Coldplay wasn’t wrong – a sky full of stars is undoubtedly one of the most romantic sights for any couple to watch together. Imagine getting a photograph of you two, perched on top of a hill with only a clear sky filled with twinkling stars for company. It indeed is a beautiful premise for couple photoshoots.
  • Hold Their Hand: Since you have pledged to walk hand-in-hand for the rest of your life, what are a few photographs declaring this to the whole world? A close-up shot of your hands looks beautiful and also tells a wonderful story about your close and tender bond!
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Home Sweet Home: Home is your space of comfort. It is where you feel most loved and understood. It is also a space the two of you share together, making it your natural habitat. In between the safe confines of your home, you can click some magnificent photos that will give everyone else serious couple goals.

Couple Photoshoot for Wedding

Give Couple Photography a Shot!

As your relationship blossoms into something serious, you will be getting more and more chances to capture the most beautiful moments of your life that you can frame and treasure forever. For you to understand how you would want your couple photoshoot to be like, you might need to understand the technicalities behind it to give your photographer the right direction! Sign up for a course at Upskillist, and you will be a genius in couple photoshoots in no time. For all you know, you will even be clicking photos at your friends’ weddings and pre-wedding shoots!

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