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10 Insane (but true) things about goal setting

Setting goals is a crucial aspect to personal growth. Regardless of whether you want to get fit, save, build a business or practise a new hobby or sport, having a goal provides you with a road map of where you want to be. The goals you set in your 20s will probably be quite different to the ones you set in your 40s, but they are no less important. 

Goals not only affect your behaviour, but also your job performance and energy levels. But why is that? Below we discuss 10 insane (but true) things about goal setting.

1. Goals provide direction and focus

When you set goals, you establish a point to work toward. This sense of working to achieve something enables you to direct your energy and focus toward that specific purpose. Although you likely have more than one goal you would like to achieve, goal setting empowers you to cut the aspects that are not contributing to achieving your goals, and as a result, gives you direction.

2. Goals can improve productivity

Another benefit of setting goals and sticking to them is that you become more productive. This is because you become focussed on what you need to do to reach your goal. The direction and focus you get from goal setting leads to you spending less energy on the things that don’t matter, and spending more time on the things that do.

3. Goals give you clarity

The direction and focus you get from goal setting and working towards reaching them, gives you a sense of clarity for what needs to be done. Not only does this clarity fuel productivity and focus, but also strengthens your goal setting intentions and direction. It enables you to “ cut out the noise” and spend energy on what is important.

4. Goals provide more free time

Since you are cutting out the noise and time-wasting activities, you have more time to spend on the things that do matter. This means that you are less stressed, focussed and determined in what you want, all while being more free to spend time on other aspects of your goals and life.  

5. Goals provide accountability

Goal accountability means that all the efforts needed for achieving your goal relies on your input. Because you are responsible for achieving your goals, if you are not committed, the fault of not reaching them lies with you. This removes room for blaming outside factors and in turn provides you with an opportunity to mitigate any problems or setbacks.

6. Goals help with better decision-making

The clarity and direction that goal-setting provides, helps us identify time-wasting activities. This will strengthen your ability to be focused on your goal and clearly decide whether a new venture or distraction is worth time and effort. From the clarity you get from goal setting, you pay special attention to decisions that affect if, how and when you reach your goals.

7. Goals provide you with control over your future

Goal setting means that you are determining something that you want to reach. This only pertains to you, and even though working toward and reaching your goals might affect those around you, it ultimately benefits your personal desires in life. Since goal setting is a rather personal endeavour, it empowers you.

8. Goals provide motivation

When you set a goal, you are committing to achieving that goal. No matter whether the goal relates to fitness, wealth, business or other matters, the drive of working toward a goal and slowly but surely reaching it, is fuel for working even harder to achieve it. The motivation that you receive from goal setting gives you the gusto of powering forward, no matter the set-backs that might try to prevent you from reaching your goals. 

9. Goals give you inspiration

Goal setting pushes you to think bigger and to commit to what you believe in. The drive and inspiration of working toward what you believe in is a great benefit for continuing working and staying committed to achieving your goals. Be mindful that you might not feel inspired every day, but that working continuously toward your goal will bring bouts of inspiration that will continue to fuel your drive for achievement.

10. Goals can fail, keep going

Goal setting is as important as the process of working toward them. It keeps you focussed, determined and committed to working to improve. If we set goals that are simply unattainable we are bound to fail. It’s important to set goals that are attainable within a reasonable timeframe. If you are working toward a certain physique, understand how long it takes to lose weight, build muscle and what dietary routine to follow. If you are building wealth, you need to recognise what you know and where your knowledge is lacking. If you are unfamiliar with investment, it’s best to study and learn how the trade works, even if it’s reading a few books in your spare time. This can significantly lengthen the time it takes to reach a goal, and consequently you might change your goals as you grow.


Goal setting is a crucial aspect of personal growth, and no matter how big or small, they keep us focussed, motivated, inspired and happier when we are working toward the things that we believe in. Even if you fail, the process of learning and developing is fundamental to your wellbeing and achieving other goals you set in life.

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