10 Facebook Marketing Tips to Launch Your Brand

Digital media and social media marketing are evolving daily, with the advent of new platforms, patterns and user behaviour, making it an ideal place for businesses and individuals to gain engagement and promote their business. However, despite the presence of heavyweights like LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, Reddit, and several others, Facebook has managed to retain its popularity. With around 2.45 billion active monthly users, Facebook marketing forms an integral part of any business social media marketing strategy.  

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Are you looking to leverage Facebook marketing to stay in touch with your customers, develop your brand identity and reach a wider audience? If yes, here are 10 ways you can use Facebook marketing to promote your business or service effectively: 

1. Create a Facebook Business Page

The ideal way to start Facebook marketing is by creating a Facebook page. The Facebook page allows brands and individuals to create and share content about their product offerings, services and more that helps the audience to connect with the brand identity. Using the page for Facebook marketing, brands can connect directly with their customers while also using it to reach a broader target market.

2. Make Facebook Chat Your Customer Touchpoint

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Another great way to use Facebook Page is to use the chat feature for addressing customer grievances, generating new leads, and providing answers to queries. Facebook Messenger has 80% open rates and 60% click-through rates, making it ideal for any Facebook marketing strategy. Addressing customer grievances through 24/7 chatbots or quick personal responses lead to happy customers and customers are less likely to leave negative feedback on public platforms.

3. Share Content That Is Helpful to Your Customers

While Facebook marketing is ideal for putting across sales content that can lead to higher conversions, not all content has to be sales-related. Facebook audiences are more likely to interact with content that provides industry insight, market analysis or helpful tips about the product or service that your brand offers. Use Facebook marketing to build a strong connection with your audience and drive users to trust your brand through thought-provoking content. 

4. Get User Participation by Hosting Facebook Contests

Facebook is not just about brand talking; the likelihood of success is higher if it can generate user participation. An excellent Facebook marketing tactic to increase follower count and brand awareness is Facebook contents, sweepstakes, giveaways or running promotions. 

Find a topic or idea that can generate user participation and connects with your audience. This simple Facebook marketing tactic can help drive engagement and skyrocket your social media reach to gain wider traction.

5. Promote Your Best Posts to Reach a Wider Audience

Do you have fantastic content that can reach a more extensive audience base? A great way to promote your high performing posts is to promote posts as part of your Facebook marketing tactic. Promoted posts get higher visibility because: 

  1. Your followers may not be online each time you post something
  2. Your posts may be lost in the followers’ timeline due to a surge in social media activity

Promoted posts ups your chances of being seen in the user’s news feed, and this helps to increase impressions and reach for the specific post.

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6. Use Facebook Ads Effectively

Facebook offers its own advertising with Facebook ads, and if used effectively, can generate fantastic outcomes. Facebook ads can be used to reach a specific target audience with targeting based on demographics, activity and allow you to set ad budget to target different metrics like reach, visibility, likes or website clicks. 

Using Facebook digital marketing and ads will provide amazing results if timed and strategized effectively. 

7. Encourage Employee Testimonials

Facebook marketing is excellent not just for reaching customers, industry leaders and partners, but it is also a great platform for reaching potential employees who would love to work for your brand. Not just that, employees are your biggest cheerleaders and research indicates that 72% of people reported feeling more connected to brands where employees shared information about it. Be it a B2B business or a B2C, people to people relationship is the most positive brand value one can bring, and employees help put a face to your brand, making it more relatable to your customers. 

So use your employees to share industry knowledge and showcase the benefits of your product or services. Additionally, a glimpse of how your brand celebrates important holidays and rewards employees helps transforms employees into brand ambassadors.

8. Drive Traffic to Your Website Through Specific CTA

For businesses that have a fantastic website and want to drive traffic to a particular page, social media and Facebook digital marketing are a useful tool for promotion. While Facebook posts and paid ads are great, a lot of users may have more questions or be interested in additional information about your product or service. For converting these interested leads, adding a relevant call-to-action (CTA) works wonders. 

Make sure your posts and Facebook page has the relevant URL to your website and define CTA that generates interest and is specific to the content you share through Facebook marketing.

9. Promote Video Content Often

If your Facebook marketing strategy does not involve videos, know that you are losing out on your popularity. According to statistics, Facebook users watch 100+ million hours of video every day, and the popularity of videos has doubled from 4 billion to 8 billion views per day since 2015.  

A short 2-min video is more likely to generate a higher response than any other content and increases your recall value. So if you are going to invest in any content for your Facebook marketing, invest in video.

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10. Network and Build Relationship With Influencers

Facebook marketing is great for user interaction and gaining new leads, but if you want to widen your reach beyond just your followers, influencer marketing is a great tactic. Find influencers and leaders in your industry and plan a collaboration that is interesting for your audience. This will not just gain high visibility for your followers but also gain traction on your influencer’s audience.

Final Thoughts

Social Media Marketing and Facebook Marketing form crucial elements to success in any industry. While these tips are great to start off your Facebook digital marketing strategy, there is much more to social media marketing on Facebook and other platforms. 

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