Top Social Media Marketing Courses for Business Growth

Social media has undoubtedly taken over almost every aspect of our lives. What started as a medium to enable casual interactions now encompasses everything from events and news to professional education and business sales. Our complete dependence on social media for our daily needs has turned this into a marketing hub.

Marketing – Traditional vs Digital

Marketing is a necessary activity for every business. Without a good marketing plan, a company would ultimately spiral towards failure. Traditional marketing involves newspaper ads, inserts, promotional materials, the radio and television mediums. Traditional mediums have been extensively used in the past by marketers to reach their target audiences. This medium could not reach the target audience at a personal level and could not accurately capture the responses of the consumers to their marketing campaign. Social media has overcome these limitations, as most social media feeds are highly personalized and informative. Social media provides the marketers with an opportunity to have an inside scoop on the wants of their customers.

To master the correct digital marketing technique,  one can sign up for a social media marketing online course. Social media marketing courses are all the rage these days, and it is not difficult to find an excellent SMM course according to your budget. A few of them are given below:


This popular online learning portal offers a range of social media marketing courses that cater to beginners as well as advanced learners. Right from introductory courses on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to advanced courses on managing and automating social media accounts, Udemy has something for every learner. A lot of their social media marketing online courses are available at highly affordable prices.


Coursera is another one of the popular online course providers. Their social media marketing online course is offered as a specialization by Northwestern University, one of the leading schools in the world when it comes to Marketing. A Coursera specialization includes a series of courses that help you master a skill. Registering for the classes and working on and completing projects will help you earn a certificate.


This website offers a free social media marketing online course called Social Media Strategy for Small Businesses. This SMM course gives students an in-depth understanding of topics like marketing campaign management and sales improvement. It also provides vital information about building dynamic websites and managing your social media engagement.


edX offers a variety of social media marketing courses from some of the top universities around the world. Boston University’s course in social media marketing is part of its MicroMasters program in Digital Product Management. Wharton University’s course on the fundamentals of digital marketing, social media and e-commerce are also available here. Many of these social media marketing classes are self-paced, which means that you can watch them and learn as per your schedule and comfort.

This website which was acquired by Microsoft is now a part of LinkedIn Learning. It offers short tutorials as part of its SMM course offerings. There are more than 50 courses to pick from and more than 1500 video tutorials for different topics under their social media marketing courses section.

Facebook Blueprint

Facebook is one of the most engaging social media sites. The platform, with more than 2 billion users is a haven for marketers. Facebook is one of the leading names in social media marketing circles because of its status as one of the best advertising platform for businesses. Facebook has also launched a Facebook Blueprint online training program which is similar to an SMM course focused on setting up, managing and optimizing Facebook ads.

Google Academy

 Before Facebook started competing with them, Google’s all-powerful search engine was the undisputed leader in the online advertising space. Every Google search fired up from every mobile or desktop has the potential for ad placement. Businesses around the world spend lavishly on Google advertising. To help eager minds master the Google Analytics platform, several social media marketing classes are being offered by the Google Academy. Google Analytics for Beginners and Power Users, Introduction To Data Studio, Tag Manager Fundamentals are a few of the SMM courses provided by Google Academy.


Hubspot is a marketing automation platform that also offers a social media marketing online course. Their free Inbound Certification Course teaches learners about Inbound marketing strategies, ranging from marketing to sales to services. Hubspot is one of the relatively shorter social media marketing courses which can be completed in 2 hours.

Social Creators

Videos are crucial marketing mediums as it is engaging and caters to nearly every population segment. An increase in internet bandwidth, over the years, has allowed more videos to be accessible to a large group of people around the world. Social Creators has developed a short social media marketing online course called Video Storytelling for Social Media __that guides you through developing high-quality videos on your smartphones. It is a short 1 hour SMM course with the potential to change the way you tell your marketing story.


The Upskillist offers a Diploma in Social Media Marketing Online Course that teaches you all aspects of the digital marketing process. This SMM course covers social media options, audience selection, and the different kinds of personalized content for various marketing channels. It also teaches the overarching principles of marketing strategy and sales. It is one of the longer social media marketing courses, keeping the learner engaged for sixteen weeks. Social Media Marketing skills are essential for every person looking to make a mark on the marketing business. The nuances and knowledge that one needs for marketing in today’s world make it imperative for a marketer to sign up for one of the many social media marketing classes offered. There are courses of various lengths available, and if you are looking for a comprehensive curriculum that covers all the critical aspects of social media marketing courses, Upskillist would be the best way forward.

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