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Introduction to Smartphone Photography

Just like knowing how to bat doesn’t make someone a great cricketer, knowing the basics of smartphone photography doesn’t make someone a good photographer. Mobile phone photography is an art in itself, and a short online training helps a smartphone user to click fantastic phone photos. This article explores the various facets of mobile phone photography and tells you the striking features of the five best smartphone photography courses online. 

Tips for Clicking Excellent Mobile Phone Photos

1. Image Positioning

Image positioning in mobile photography includes knowledge of frame and central composition. The dynamics of an image can greatly change depending on the positioning of the frame.

2. Balancing Composition

An image is a combination of several small units. Learning how to distribute the weightage among different units play a key role in producing visually appealing phone photos.

3. Vantage Point

The vantage point or angle is all about paying attention to the perspective. A thoughtful angle makes a simple mobile phone photo look larger than life.

4. Other Factors

Other factors like the golden ratio, which highlights important parts of an image, rule of thirds, intensity of brightness and contrast, depth, and shadow play equally important roles in phone photography. Enrolling in a smartphone photography course can make these concepts clear with ample real life demos.

5 Best Smartphone Photography Courses Online:

1 – Smartphone Photography Training by Mark James

Globally acclaimed photography enthusiast and trainer Mark James’ smartphone photography training offers $167 worth of video courses for free. The five part video course includes everything – from camera tips to hidden features of a smartphone, from picture composition to lighting, from a six step editing process to accessories complementing smartphone, and examples of editing. Mobile photography enthusiasts can access updated tutorials on techniques, apps, and interviews. For gaining expertise in the subject, it is advisable to enroll in the paid ‘Strategically edit WOW images on your smartphone’ course. 

2 – iPhone Photo Academy Course

The iPhone Photography School’s core courses, like iPhone Photo Academy, iPhone Art Academy, and the iPhone Editing Academy courses, are exclusively designed for iPhone users. But it also has something for DSLR users. Courses like digital camera mastery, photo shortcuts, and lightroom editing mastery are some of the top courses offered by iPhone Photography School. Visit their website to join the ranks of 1.38 million subscribers who regularly receive tips and techniques for free.

3 – SkillShare Mobile Photography Courses

SkillShare is one of the best places that offer curated courses from top-rated Instagram photographers. Courses cover all aspects of mobile photography. Their finest courses are Mobile Photography Basics for Instagram Success (35k learners), Cityscape Photography (17k learners), Mobile Photo Editing (14k learners), Documentary Photography (20k learners), Lifestyle Photography (25k learners), and Outdoor Photography (26k learners). SkillShare frequently conducts workshops which offer an amazing opportunity to get up and close with the trainers and gain real time exposure to photography. For finding out the latest workshop list, click here

4 – Live Online Academy’s Introduction to Smartphone Photography 

Sometimes, statistics speak more than words. If statistics are anything to go by, over 2.5 million successful students have rated it as a five star course. This is the most basic mobile photography course you may take up as a beginner. The week-long 3 lesson course starts with the basics and styles of phone photography. The second lesson discusses digital and optical zooming, lens attachments, and light forms. The final lesson throws insights into compositional techniques like the rule of thirds, angle of view, and leading lines. Through interactive webinars, students can clear all their doubts regarding phone photography. Successful students get a certificate of completion and lifetime access to lesson recordings. Click here to browse the catalog and see what successful students have to say about the Introduction to Smartphone Photography Course.

5 – Upskillist’s Online Diploma in Smartphone Photography 

If you are looking for an online smartphone photography course that combines the best of all courses available anywhere and provides you with a certificate, then Upskillist’s online Diploma in Smartphone Photography is the cheapest and most industry-acclaimed course you can probably find. Its 8 interactive lessons, coupled with weekly assignments and quizzes, cover everything you need to click images you can feel proud of. The course starts with the basics of mobile photography and goes on to discuss topics like digital and optical zooming, lens attachment, and light. Compositional techniques, like the rule of thirds, golden ratio, leading lines, motion, and depth will add a new dimension to your mobile phone photos. Be an expert in selfies and know how to upload perfect images on social media platforms to receive instant gratification in the form of likes, reactions, comments, and shares. This course will teach you the basics of exposure and the rules of using phone photo editing apps to create impressive images. Click here to enroll in one of the most comprehensive online smartphone photography course.

How to Be a Smartphone Photography Pro

On a conservative estimate, there are hundreds of mobile photography courses available on the internet. All courses have been designed to serve the ultimate purpose – to make you a smartphone photography pro. However, a course can only launch you into the field of smartphone photography – how you perform depends entirely upon your aptitude and knack. Visit the following websites to keep yourself updated about the latest technologies and click contest level photos with your phone.

1. ****Photography Concentrate

Photography Concentrate is a one-stop destination for getting every information related to technical aspects of mobile phone photos and includes reviews of iPhone and Android phones.

2. ****Android Authority

Android Authority publishes thoughtful articles and blogs which are great for mobile photography enthusiasts and seem to serve their purpose very well.

3. ****Expert Photography

This website has tons of articles, which are considered a must-read for newbie and pro smartphone photographers alike. Keep an eye on the website for regular updates.


Smartphone photography is part-science part-art. Online smartphone photography courses do well to run you through the technicalities of capturing flawless and aesthetically appealing mobile phone photos. Mastering the art of mobile photography, however, requires a great deal of practice and acute observational skills. Sharpen your skills by taking an online smartphone photography course, and let the world stand in awe of your brilliant mobile phone photos.

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