8 Amazing Digital Marketing Courses for Professionals and Students

Digital marketing has changed the way the industry plans its marketing strategy and outreach, with mobile marketing, social media marketing, and other digital platforms being a huge part of the marketing plan. Today, companies are massively investing in it as digital marketing provides a high rate of conversion and targeted advertising to influence buying decisions.

With over 3 billion active social media users around the globe, the benefits of digital marketing are aplenty, the realization of which has led to a high surge in digital marketing courses that offer various insights into learning the tricks of the trade.

If you wish to join a digital marketing course that is bang on the buck, below are 8 of the best online digital marketing courses right now.

Diploma in Digital Marketing by Upskillist

You may just be starting your digital marketing journey, or you may be a seasoned professional looking for something more challenging. Either way, it's important to find a course that offers not just the fundamentals of digital marketing but also takes you through a rigorous digital marketing training. Upskillist's online Digital Marketing course will help you become proficient in just 16 weeks with 32 interactive lessons. The course has already been taken by over 1 million students globally, and covers topics such as SEM, SMM, SEO, content strategy, campaign creation, optimization, and a lot more, making it one of the best online digital marketing courses out there.

HubSpot Academy Content Marketing Certification

HubSpot is well-known for providing automation tools to help businesses manage social media, website, marketing, and sales-related activities, and their HubSpot Academy’s Content Marketing course offers great insights into the world of digital marketing.

The digital marketing course comprises 12 video lessons that run around 4.5 hours and include a quiz after each lesson to test your skills. The entire program taught by HubSpot employees is designed to cover the fundamentals of digital marketing. By opting for this digital marketing course, you can build a solid content marketing foundation while providing self-help materials and exercises to get you up and running.

Buffer Social Media Advertising

Buffer is a digital marketing platform for publishing content across several platforms. Brian Peters, Buffer’s Digital Media and Social Media Manager, has a free course on the basics of social media marketing and advertising on SkillShare. Buffer’s Social Media Advertising is a digital marketing course that is great for understanding audience segments, campaigns and objectives, targeted marketing, and other aspects of social media and digital marketing.

This digital marketing course will help students understand not just how to post and manage social media on multiple social media platforms but provide an entry to understanding how social media ads work. This is important, especially for businesses and professionals looking to use social media advertising.

Moz SEO Training Course

Moz is a great tool for digital marketing professionals to test out their website’s SEO. The founder of Moz, Rand Fishkin, teaches a free SEO Training Course on Udemy, which is a compilation of his series, Whiteboard Fridays. In this, Fishkin takes you through 3.5 hours of video content around SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and how it is used.

This SEO-focused digital marketing course will provide a theoretical understanding of SEO, and is perfect for someone new to the field. Using SEO knowledge, digital marketers can understand their SEO-ranking and keywords to target the right audiences and gain higher outreach.

Google Academy for Ads

An online digital marketing course that is perfect for beginners, Google Academy for Ads is a digital marketing certificate program that will help you get started on Google’s digital marketing offerings. The topics cover Google Adwords, video ads, analytics, and more. The digital marketing course enables you to learn at your own pace and provides videos, interactive challenges, and short quizzes that can be taken on any device.

Google Ads is a great digital marketing tool to get interactive ads across several platforms, and as one of the best online digital marketing courses, it will be a good addition to a digital marketer looking to scale up their skill-set.

Mailchimp Email Marketing Course

Email marketing is a great tool to build trust with the customers and an effective way to stay engaged while providing valuable information about you or your brand to the customer. 75% of adult online users say email marketing is a preferred marketing method and is a must for businesses and enterprises.

Mailchimp is one of several email marketing platforms that allows digital marketing professionals to create email campaigns and optimize their email marketing process. Mailchimp’s Digital Marketing course by Ariana Hargrave, Director of VIP Services at Mailchimp, is a great addition to those looking to add email marketing to their profile. The online digital marketing course will provide a base-level knowledge of digital marketing, email marketing, and how to automate, optimize, and personalize emails to be highly effective and efficient.

Twitter Flight School

Twitter is a great platform for influencer outreach and getting the buzz out in the market. The digital marketing course by Twitter Flight School is aimed at newbies who can understand the nuances of Twitter and how to track analytics using the platform. The entire program will provide a complete overview of Twitter under two hours with video lessons and tracks that’ll teach students about using Twitter for the enterprise and personal branding.

Learn with Facebook

Facebook will be an important part of the marketing strategy, and there is no better way of learning it than directly from Facebook.

Learn with Facebook’s Digital Marketing course will provide an introduction to businesses on how to use Facebook for brand building and marketing. The program will cover policies, targeting, engagement, management of Facebook pages, and also includes Instagram marketing and more. Facebook’s digital marketing course is highly recommended for getting a deep-level understanding of Facebook page, platform, Instagram, and the use of ads to maximize ROI (return on investment).

So, are you looking to make 2020 the year of your transition into the world of digital marketing? Then start a digital marketing course today!

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